Corporate Giving Program



Mollie Michelle Boutique Salon is committed to serving the communities where we work, and where our employees and customers live. We have consistently supported worthwhile charitable causes with monetary and in-kind donations since our founding.

Mollie Michelle Boutique Salon Corporate Giving Program is focused on improving the quality of life for people in the Bellevue and surrounding areas, specifically in the areas of women and men's health, education and the arts. We support these charities and/or organizations with the donation of gift certificates ,products, or a gift basket donation.

Eligible causes must exhibit the following:

  • Request must be made by an active Mollie Michelle Boutique Salon client
  • Benefit the Bellevue or surrounding areas
  • Contribute to women and men's health, education or the arts
  • Qualify for a nonprofit status under the Internal Revenue Code

To be considered, eligible organizations must complete a sponsorship request at least 30-days prior to the event. To make a request, please email a brief letter with the following information to (No phone calls please.)

The Mollie Michelle Boutique salon management team meets on a bi-monthly basis to consider all corporate giving requests. All decisions are final. After processing your request, we will contact you with the decision and supply the contact person with the necessary details of how to pick up the donation, as well as a copy of our logo to use on fundraising collateral materials.

All our best,

The Mollie Michelle Boutique Salon Management Team